Life Technologies

Research topics in keywords:

  • Technology-support in Daily Life
  • Technology-supported Healthcare
  • Sensor- and Technology-based (self-) assessment
  • Technology Assessment, Technology Influence and Societal Implications
  • (Situation Awareness)

Embedded systems, wireless short- and long range communication and advanced sensing technologies have become ubiquitous, not only in industry 4.0, but are ubiquitous in daily live. Application domains are the smart home, the connected car, and personal transportation personal communication devices and fitness and health.

Novel technologies not only have become ubiquitous, they also fundamentally change the ways we use, interact and trust in technology. The impact of technology not only in human-computer interaction but also on human-human interaction is subject to research in many domains.

We focus on the application domains of daily living and personal connected healthcare. We research on the possibilities of assessing qualities of a human user such as fitness or health by using available sensor data or information sources such as the way a personal smartphone or piece of technology is used by the individual.

Technology-support in Daily Life:

Technology-supported Healthcare:

Sensor- and Technology-based (self-) assessment:

Technology Assessment, Technology Influence and Societal Implications:

(Situation Awareness:)