Project "Gesund Wohnen mit Stil: Gesund Wohnen mit Stil: sozio-technische Systemlösungen für ein altersgerechtes häusliches Umfeld (GEWOS)" (Mittelgeber: BMBF)

This projects investigates how to design an attractive living environment for elderly people by using various innovation potentials, in particular from the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). In this environment, motivation for physical activity, health monitoring and further measurements conducive to health are to be integrated. They combine a high motivational factor, high acceptance and high effectiveness.

A major focus is the (primary) prevention. The socio-technical solution to be designed under the aspects above is based on a platform that is designed in order to dynamically store and evaluate health-related data and information, using the latest findings from IT research. Additionally, rules for evaluation and actions to motivate physical activity can be continuously updated.

This platform is the basis for connecting various devices, terminals and installations in the home environment - in this project particularly an activity-promoting chair (german: "Bewegungssessel"). At the same time, it serves as an interface to caregivers and other service providers in the health sector.

Luis Roalter worked on the project in the Distributed Multimodal Information Processing Group of Prof. Kranz for the Lehrstuhl für Baurealisierung und Baurobotik. The assigned task were successfully completed.

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Project Outline: Gesund Wohnen mit Stil (GEWOS)

Project Title: GEWOS – Gesund Wohnen mit Stil: sozio-technische Systemlösungen für ein altersgerechtes häusliches Umfeld
Project Coordinator: ISA Informationssysteme für computerintegrierte Automatisierung GmbH Veli Velioglu (Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung)
Azenbergstr. 35, 70174 Stuttgart
Project Runtime: 01.04.2010 – 31.03.2013
Cooperation Partners: TUM-Lehrstuhl für Baurealisierung und Baurobotik
TUM-Lehrstuhl für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung
EnOcean GmbH
Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS
himolla Polstermöbel GmbH
ISA Informationssysteme GmbH
Innovationsmanufaktor GmbH