Project "Personalisierte Mobilität, Assistenz und Service Systeme in einer alternden Gesellschaft (PASSAge)" (Source of Funding: BMBF)

The demographic change in modern societies has a significant impact on the future planning of self-determined mobility and mobility means. Especially the user group of elderly people is depending on public transportation. To win and keep senior citizens as customers, an optimized accessibility of the means of transportation is required, as well as their connection towards buildings and residences. These connections have to be modular and compatible to the use mobility means of the users. Barrier-free accessibility according to the existing norms can address these problems only partially. Broader and holistic concepts are needed here. 

The project PASSAge aim at the implementation of seamless mobility chains that smoothly connect private, semi-public and public space. Mobility shall be ensured by the extension of existing mobility means with user-oriented components. The project follows the approach to complement the barrier-free access and usage of public transportation with mostly electrically powered compact vehicles and micro vehicles. These have to be adopted by physical means and information technology means to residences and building structures.

The goal is to create a flexible and networked infrastructure with a multitude of mobility means and modular building components where the individual elements do not concur but complement each other and thereby create synergy effects. Core to this approach is the development of business models, which allow for and ensure the allocation and coordination of mobility services. Interfaces will be created for all compact vehicles and micro vehicles that extend their functionality both digitally and physically and thereby enable their ubiquitous connection to the envisioned services.

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Diewald works on the project in the Distributed Multimodal Information Processing Group at the Institute for Media Technology at Technische Universität München.

Relevant Publications

M. Bähr, S. Klein, S. Diewald, C. Haag, G. Hofstetter, M. Khoury, D. Kurz, A. Winkler, A. König, N. Holzer, M. Siegrist, A. Pressler, L. Roalter, T. Linner, K. Wessig, M. Heuberger, V. Warmuth, M. Kranz, T. Bock
PASSAge - Personalized Mobility, Assistance and Service Systems in an Ageing Society
In: 6. Deutschen AAL-Kongress: Lebensqualität im Wandel von Demografie und Technik (AAL 2013), p. 260-269, Berlin, Germany, January 2013
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Project Outline: Personalisierte Mobilität, Assistenz und Service Systeme in einer alternden Gesellschaft (PASSAge)

Project Title: PASSAge – Personalisierte Mobilität, Assistenz und Service Systeme in einer alternden Gesellschaft
Project Coordinator: CitySax Mobility GmbH
Forschung und Entwicklung
Matthias Bähr
Schönburgstr. 13, 01108 Dresden, Germany
Project Runtime: 01.08.2012 - 31.07.2015
Cooperation Partners: CitySax Mobility GmbH, Dresden
SOPHIA mit P.S. Südbayern gGmbH, Holzkirchen
Haag Rehatechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Kronau
metaio GmbH, München
HMM Diagnostics GmbH, Dossenheim
LMU – Humanwissenschaftliches Zentrum, München
TUM – Lehrstuhl für Baurealisierung und Robotik, München
TUM – Fachgebiet Verteilte Multimodale Informationsverarbeitung, München und University of Passau, Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Eingebettete Systeme, Passa
TUM – Zentrum für Prävention und Sportmedizin, München
Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Malsch