Project "Passau App"

About 1.5 Million tourists visit Passau every year, which is why this particular sector plays an especially important role for the entire region. In order to continue fostering this branch, the "Passau App" project was brought to life in late 2012 to initiate a mobile source of information for both tourists and citizens.  The projects excels through an interdisciplinary cooperation between the city of Passau and the University of Passau. 

The development of the Passau App for iOS was supervised by the chair of distributed information systems (Prof. Dr. Kosch). In April 2013, the Embedded Interactive Systems Laboratory (Prof. Dr. Kranz) started porting the application to native Android. The Passau App for Android has been downloadable through the Google Play Store since August 2013.

The official Android app of the city of Passau offers extensive information on the city, sights, events, accomodation, parking space and more. The app is targeted to the citizens of Passau, tourists and guests alike. 


We would like to thank the city of Passau for the successful and smooth collaboration.



Project Details: Passau App

Project Title: Passau App
Project Coordinators: Embedded Interactive Systems Laboratory (EISLab)
Innstraße 43
94032 Passau
Project Runtime: 15/04/2013 – to this date
Cooperation Partners: University of Passau
Embedded Interactive Systems Laboratory (EISLab)
Institute for Distributed Information Systems
City of Passau