General Informationen for the Course "Scientific Methods and Technical Writing" (5804V and 5804UE)

Course Type: Mandatory course
Holding: in the winter term
Course Number: Lecture: 5804V and Tutorial: 5804UE
Hours per Week: 3 (2 Lecture, 1 Tutorial, 0 Laboratory)
ECTS-Credits: 5,0
Dates Lecture: Wed., 08:00 - 10:00, (ITZ) SR 004
Dates Tutorial: Mon., 10:00 - 11:00, (ITZ) SR 002
Expected Number of Participants: ca. 30
Begin of the Lecture: 19.10.2022
Begin of the Tutorial: 24.10.2022

Course Description

The course will cover the following contents:
  • methodology:
    • qualitativ methods
    • quantitative methods
    • measurement theory
    • statistical methods
  • technical writing and scientific reports:
    • research for scientific contributions
    • forward search and backward search
    • scientific databases
    • citation guidelines and citation styles
    • structure of scientific publications in the field of computer science
    • publication processes
    • publication opportunities
    • re-print archives
    • open access
    • impact factors and publication indices
    • publication culture
  • Review processes:
    • peer review
    • open review
    • review policies (open, blind, double-blind)
    • publication systems
    • ethical aspects
  • Tools for scientific research and writing:
    • software tools (latex, share latex, ...)
    • resources
    • tools for data processing, data analysis, and data visualization
  • Information visualization and visual communication
  • Hands-On support for the writing of scientific English reports
  • Presentation techniques:
    • oral presentations
    • computer-supported presentations
Pre-requisites: none
Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences):  
Knowledge: The students learn scientific research techniques, such as scientific search engines or digital libraries. The students know the structure of scientific publications in their area of research. The students know about the basic principles of scientific research and the academic practice, such as the critical reflection on information and results, the importance of authorship, the usage and setting of references, and the quality requirements of sources and references.
Capabilities: The students are able to use scientific search engines to research on a specific topic by applying search techniques. The students can access, on their own, a given scientific seminar topic, and are capable of summarizing it and presenting it in a scientific talk and discussion.
Competences: The students are empowered to access a given scientific topic on their own by applying their knowledge and capabilities. The students can judge and sort scientific publications on a given topic and relate them to each other. The students deepen their competences on written discussion, oral presentation and disputation, as well as the presentation of complex topics.
Media usage: The following media format will be used:
  • computer-supported presentations for the talks delivered by the participants
  • whiteboard
Languages of instruction: The course will be held in English.
Learning organization: Lecture
Scheduled dates: see StudIP
Course criteria & registration: Please refer to the official announcements of the university office (Studiensekretariat). They will be announced usually 4-6 weeks after the start of the term. Please direct all information requests directly and solely to the university office (Studiensekretariat).

Exam Information

Assessment (exam method and evaluation): Klausur od. mündl. Prüfung od. Portfolio (techn. Bericht, Präsentation)
  Die genaue Prüfungsart wird zu Beginn des Semesters durch Aushang auf den Internetseiten der Fakultät bzw. in der Vorlesung bekannt gegeben.
Portfoliobestandteile sind: - Eigenständige Zusammenfassung von relevanten wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten zu den Themen der Lehrveranstaltung
  - Präsentationen
  - Datensätze und deren Auswertung
  - Präsentation der erstellten Materialien unter Einsatz geeigneter Präsentationstechniken, z.B. PowerPoint, Desktopreviews, Postern, Flipchart, Whiteboard, Tafel
  Die genauen Anforderungen werden vom Dozenten zu Beginn der Veranstaltung bekanntgegeben.
  Modulnote entspricht der Note der Prüfung
  Mandatory is the official module catalogue only.
Exam dates & registration: will be announced.
Number of exam dates per semester: 1

Further Information:

Wiki: -
Moodle: -
Recommended Reading: Wird vom Dozent/ Dozent / von der Dozentin bekannt gegeben gegeben.
  Die Literatur wird in Abhängigkeit der konkreten Aufgabenstellung ausgewählt und bekanntgegeben.