Human-Computer Interaction in the Car


Date Student Title Slides
17.06.2014 Markus Lange Natural User Interfaces in the Car -
17.06.2014 Christian Reisinger Touchscreen Interaction in the Car -
17.06.2014 Fabian Knorr Interaction on the Steering Wheel -
24.06.2014 Sebastian Reichl Multimodal Input & Output in the Car -
24.06.2014 Alina Meixl Haptic User Interfaces in the Car -
24.06.2014 Dominik Wagner Augmented Reality Applications in the Automotive Domain -
01.07.2014 Thomas Probst Usability & Interaction on Head-Up Displays -
01.07.2014 Lukas Gramalla Leveraging Mobile Devices in the Car -
01.07.2014 Benjamin Sturm Supporting Economic Driving with Embedded Systems -