Industry-support for Teaching

We want to acknowledge the kind support of the companies listed below who have supported our teaching activities.

Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS Academic License - Xamarin

We are grateful for the support of Xamarin. We are grateful for the provision of both a Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS Academic License (equivalent to a Business license) for the development of mobile apps via C#. They thereby support our teaching efforts on Android & iOS app development. Thank you very much.

astah* professional - UML Modeling Tool

We are grateful for the support of Astah. They kindly supported our lecture "Software Engineering for Embedded Systems" with one one-year faculty site license of their great UML modeling tool 'astah* professional'. Thank you very much.

JetBrains Webstorm

We are grateful for the support of JetBrains. They kindly provided the University of Passau with a one-year Classroom License of their one-of-a-kind web-IDE 'Webstorm'. We employ this IDE, e.g., for our course "Human-Computer Interaction for Mobile and Embedded Systems" for creating rapid prototypes based on HTML5. Thank you very much.

UI Stencils - Prototyping stencils

We are grateful for the support of UI Stencils. The lecture "Introduction to Human-Computer-Interaction" greatly benefits from the provision of free Prototyping stencils. Thank you very much. 


We explictly state that none of the supporting companies influenced our teaching in any way.