General Information on the Masterseminar "Innovative Industrial Software"

Course Type: elective course (für die Anrechenbarkeit von Lehrveranstaltungen der FIM beachten Sie bitte unbedingt die Hinweise unter
Holding: in the winter semester, in the summer semester
Veranstaltungsnummer: 6000S
Wochenstunden: 2 (2 SWS Lecture, 0 SWS Tutorial, 0 Laboratory)
ECTS-Credits: 5,0
Location Seminar: (ITZ) SR 003
Dates Seminar: Tue, 14:00-16:00

Course Description

Content: The focus of this seminar series lies on current research topics and technologies in the area of industrial technologies, process control software, industrial planning, industrial networks, industry 4.0 and digitalization in industry.
  For all seminar dates with presentations, presence is mandatory. For the supervisor meetings, individual appointments will be made with each student.
  The language of the seminar is English. All deliverables are mandatory to be delivered in English.
Pre-requisites: >keineRecommended prerequisites: Successful completion of further master courses from the first three semesters of the master studies.
Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences): Knowledge:
  The students learn scientific research techniques, such as scientific search engines or digital libraries. The students know the structure of scientific publications in their area of research. The students know about the basic principles of scientific research and the academic practice, such as the critical reflection on information and results, the importance of authorship, the usage and setting of references, and the quality requirements of sources and references.
  The students are able to use scientific search engines to research on a specific topic by applying search techniques. The students can access, on their own, a given scientific seminar topic, and are capable of summarizing it and presenting it in a scientific talk and discussion.
  The students are empowered to access a given scientific topic on their own by applying their knowledge and capabilities. The students can judge and sort scientific publications on a given topic and relate them to each other. The students deepen their competences on written discussion, oral presentation and disputation, as well as the presentation of complex topics.
  Media usage:
  The following media format will be used:
  - computer-supported presentations for the talks delivered by the participants
  - whiteboard
  The students will mostly work with current publications as material.
Language: English
Learning organization: The topics will be assigned during the first meeting of the seminar. Topics will only be assigned to students being present in the first meeting. The students will sign their registration and will then be listed in HISQIS for the mandatory examination (seminar paper + presentation of the seminar paper).
  Für die zu Beginn der Veranstaltung festgelegten Kolloquien besteht Anwesenheitspflicht. Begründung der Anwesenheitspflicht bei den Kolloquien: Wird keine umfassende Anwesenheit bei den Kolloquien gefordert, wird die Kompetenz nicht geübt, vor anderen Studierenden zu präsentieren und auf ihre Fragen und Anmerkungen (und nicht nur die des Dozenten) einzugehen und diese zu diskutieren. Präsentation und Diskussion dienen zusätzlich zur Verifikation, dass die Aufgabenstellung von allen verinnerlicht wurde. Die vereinzelte Abwesenheit aus nicht vom Studierenden zu vertretenden und nachgewiesenen Gründen ist möglich.
Scheduled dates: see StudIP
Course criteria & registration: Please refer to the official announcements of the university office (Studiensekretariat). They will be announced usually 4-6 weeks after the start of the term. Please direct all information requests directly and solely to the university office (Studiensekretariat).

Exam Information

  Module exam with the following components:
  - grading of the written seminar paper (about 8 - 10 pages, to be written only in Latex)
  - oral presentation and disputation of the seminar paper (about 20 minutes plus questions)
  For each component, the ability to orally express oneself, to present and to discuss the topic as well as the competence to in writing discuss a complex scientific topic in an appropriate manner will be evaluated. For both components, a joint grade is assigned. The module grade corresponds to the grade of the examination.
  Mandatory is the official module catalogue only.
Exam dates & registration: continuous assessment
will be announced.
Number of exam dates per semester: continuous assessment

Further Information

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Recommended Reading: Recommended Literature: will be announced for each topic in the seminar