Team of the Embedded Interactive Systems Laboratory

Management and Administration

Name Room Telephone E-mail
Matthias Kranz ITZ 228 +49 (0) 851 509 - 3081
Anna Weikelsdorfer ITZ 226 +49 (0) 851 509 - 3081

Team of the Smart Embedded Systems Group

Name Room Telephone E-mail
Gerold Hölzl ITZ 230 +49 (0) 851 509 - 3087
Sebastian Soller extern extern extern

Note and Request:

We kindly ask our students to contact us via their university email addresses only.

eMail from freemailers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, GMX (etc) are to be automatically deleted by our SPAM filters and thus cannot be answered.

Please contact us only via eMail or use the opportunity for a personal dialogue during our consultation hours.