Former Students

Name Title of the Thesis Type Year
Nico Pilgram Biofeedback in the wild - a smart watch approach Bachelor thesis 2017
Elena Werny Redesign of the ZF Control System relating to HCI Bachelor thesis 2017
Mirette Georgy Wearable and Mobile Therapy Support for User with Bipolar Disorder Bachelor thesis 2017
Mariam Ezz El Din Korashi Mobile Health Support for Users with Bipolar Disorder Bachelor thesis 2017
Rana Tarek Salaheldin Hassan Therapy Tracker Bachelor thesis 2017
Ahmed Mohamed A large-scale pseudo real time Biofeedback framework for interactive data collection, analysis, and visualization using smart devices Bachelor thesis 2017
Roman Seeger Potential Impact of Sponsoring on Conference Publications Bachelor thesis 2017
Alexander Seidl Real-Time Industrial Information Source Map Bachelor thesis 2017
Andreas Reich Energy Efficient Sensor Nodes based on Intel Edison for Industry 4.0 Bachelor thesis 2016
Felix Huppert SparkLaserCut: A Sketching Tool for Creating Rapid Prototypes using Laser Cutters</links> Bachelor thesis 2016
Lukas Witzani Texteingabe in der virtuellen Realität Master thesis 2016
Anna Eiberger Wahrnehmung von Informationen in einer mobilen Multi-Display-Umgebung mit unterschiedlichen Fokusebenen Bachelor thesis 2016
Philipp Sadlo Aktivitätserkennung im Fechten Bachelor thesis 2016
Maximilian Steindl Kanal-Konfigurator für ZF-MODAS Bachelor thesis 2016
Luca Barthmann Augmented Reality Campus Guide Bachelor thesis 2016
Aaron Kopp Where to read? Effects of Text Input Redirection Across Body Proximate Displays Bachelor thesis 2016
Christian Reiser Implementierung eines Wizard-of-Oz-Frameworks für mobile Augmented Reality Bachelor thesis 2016
Sebastian Witt Design and Implementation of an Factory Model in the Context of Industry 4.0 with Networked and Embedded Systems Bachelor thesis 2016
Thomas Schmeizl Design and Implementation of an Embedded System Factory in the Context of Industry 4.0 Bachelor thesis 2016
Stefan Bildl Design and Implementation of an Android Application for the retrospective Exploration of Lifelogging Data Bachelor thesis 2016
Fabian Göttl Implementierung eines Kinect Fusion Plugins für Unity Bachelor thesis 2015
Florian Penn Micro-Gesture Interaction on the Gear Shift Bachelor thesis 2015
Alexander Kubiak Self-Monitoring in Hypoxia Master thesis 2015
Stefan Kunz Ortsabhängige Aufzeichnung von Fitnessaktivitäten - Eine Fallstudie am Sportzentrum der Universität Passau Bachelor thesis 2015
Alina Meixl Äußere Einflussfaktoren auf die Wahrnehmung von Usability Bachelor thesis 2015
Daniel Riedl Unterstützung der Bedienung von Touchscreens in Fahrzeugen durch Verwendung eines zweiten Displays im Fahrersichtfeld Bachelor thesis 2015
Thomas Probst Auswirkungen der Verwendung von opaken monokularen Head-Mounted-Displays für Autofahrer Bachelor thesis 2015
Florian Kovacs Auswirkungen der Verwendung von Datenbrillen mit See-Through-Technologie auf Autofahrer Bachelor thesis 2015
Martin Esche Untersuchung eines Belohnungsystems für SSL Verbindungen Bachelor thesis 2014
Prisca Bonnet A Prototyping Framework for Glass-based Augmented Reality Use Cases Master thesis 2014
Christian Berger Augmented Reality Campus Guide Bachelor thesis 2014
Wolfgang Bergbauer Live-Tracking im öffentlichen Nahverkehr Master thesis 2014
Sebastian Scheffel Design of a mobile application to enhance the user experience of ride sharing Bachelor thesis 2014
Bianka Roppelt Gamification in higher education with a quiz app Bachelor thesis 2014
Stefan Häuslmann User-centered design for the creation of a recycing app Bachelor thesis 2014
Lukas Witzani Gamification für die Spardose Bachelor thesis 2013
Dominik Dusold Entwicklung eines Umfrage- und Evaluationssystems für die Hochschullehre Bachelor thesis 2013
Jakob Weigert Integration of Smartphones into the Automated Testing Environment for Audi Infotainment Systems Master thesis 2013

Types of Student Theses

DA (Diplomarbeit), Diploma Thesis
MA (Masterarbeit), Master Thesis
BA (Bachelorarbeit), Bachelor Thesis