Student Theses at the "Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Eingebettete Systeme" (Chair of Embedded Systems)

In the context of our research and teaching activities, we do offer students the opportunity to actively participate on interesting and cutting edge topics by conducting their thesis in our group.

We do offer you topics for your Studien- and Diplomarbeit, Bachelor thesis and Master thesis to successfully complete your studies with a scientific thesis.

On the following pages we would like to offer you the opportunity to get a feeling what topics are currently worked on as theses and what topics have successfully been completed.

  • Assigned Topics
  • Completed Thesis

Maybe we can also interest you for one of our open topics? 

If you cannot find a topic, please feel free to contact us to discuss a topic together.

External Theses

The Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt für Eingebettete Systeme (Chair of Embedded Systems) cooperates in research and teaching with leading companies. This allows our students to conduct their theses directly within a company. In addition to the increase practical experience, this allows first contacts to industry to be made by our students.

We therefore do support you as student to conduct your thesis externally. As your thesis is a formal course achievement to be graded by the university, we would like to point you to some formal requirements on external thesis:

  • The topic of the thesis has to be supervised by a professor.
  • The topic of an external thesis is solely defined by the supervising professor. The professor is, next to the supervision, responsible for all administrative aspects of the thesis.
  • The grading is solely done by the professor at the faculty (and not by the company!)
  • As the thesis is a formal course achievement, no money is allowed to be paid by the company to the students. It is, under certain circumstances, potentially possible to compensate the student for certain expenditures (such as travelling costs or costs of living).
  • If a company does announce a topic, the company (and not the student) is responsible for contacting the professor. In no case can a company offer a topic and the delegate the search for a supervisor to the student. This especially holds true for the definition of the topic (which is done soley by the professor).
  • We do not, outside of existing cooperations or projects, sign any form of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). This can only be arranged in exceptional cases.

Note and Request:

We kindly ask our students to contact us via their university email addresses only.

eMail from freemailers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, GMX (etc) are to be automatically deleted by our SPAM filters and thus cannot be answered.

Please contact us only via eMail or use the opportunity for a personal dialogue during our consultation hours.