Internships at the "Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Eingebettete Systeme" (Chair of Embedded Systems)

The "Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Eingebettete Systeme" (Chair of Embedded Systems) offers a limited number of internships for international students.

We do always encourage and welcome dedicated students that are keen to closely work with us on our current research topics. We offer a competitive laboratory and working environment and cutting edge research challenges.

As a prospective intern you should have strong personal and professional qualifications for working in a young and dynamic team of interdisciplinary researchers.

To make the most of your internship, we do have some requirements towards potential candidates and applications:

  • You apply by mail using your university’s student email address (no GMail, MSN, Yahoo, …) for your internship at least 6 months prior the potential starting date.
  • The internship, ranging from 3 to 6 months, is tightly integrated into your personal study program.
  • An official, internationally renowned exchange program supports and funds the internship.
  • We can only host interns from Europe (states of the European Union), the United States or Canada.
  • You send, next to any related certificates you might want to send us, a letter of motivation to express your interests and relation to our topics and research efforts and a research statement on the potential contributions you would like to make to our work by relating your application to one currently open student thesis (all in all: max 8 pages as PDF). A photo of yourself is also included.
  • Your application additionally contains the name and title of a person (and her/his university email address) working at university that knows you personally, is informed about your application and supports it, and can give references on you.

We especially encourage applications from qualified European and international students. We take our responsibility towards gender-sensitive education seriously and especially encourage female students. Please contact Prof. Kranz for inquiries on internships.

Please note: 
Please understand that we do feel free to not answer applications that

  • do not contain any direct relations to at least one of our research fields
  • do have Word documents or any other potentially malicious attachments or are larger than 2 MB
  • are obviously script-based mass mailings (e.g. have different font sizes or faces at the buzz words, do not have any personal note inside, or are completely general and do not have an relationship to our group or our research)

Thank you for reading this page __before__ contacting us.





Term Student Home University Project
Summer 2017 Ahmed Mohamed German University in Cairo (Egypt) A large-scale pseudo real time Biofeedback framework for interactive data collection, analysis, and visualization using smart devices (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2017 Rana Tarek Salaheldin Hassan German University in Cairo (Egypt) Therapy Tracker (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2017 Mariam Ezz El Din Korashi German University in Cairo (Egypt) Mobile Health Support for Users with Bipolar Disorder (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2017 Mirette Georgy German University in Cairo (Egypt) Wearable and Mobile Therapy Support for User with Bipolar Disorder (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2016 Omar Essam German University in Cairo (Egypt) Indoor Positioning using Beaconing Technology (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2016 Ahmed El-Wakeel German University in Cairo (Egypt) Ad-hoc tiled Display Registration (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2016 Ahmed Abodeif German University in Cairo (Egypt) Handheld Devices in Projection-based Spatial Augmented Reality (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2016 Mohamed Melouk German University in Cairo (Egypt) AnnotatAR: Cross-Media Interaction Between Printed and Digital Books through Augmented Reality (bachelor thesis)
Summer 2015 Elisa Määttänen University of Lapland (Finland) Label Placement for Augmented Reality Applications
Summer 2014 Prisca Bonnet Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (France) A Prototyping Framework for Glass-based Augmented Reality Use Cases (master's thesis)


Term Student Guest Institute Contact Project
WiSe 2015/16 Magdalena Murr Siemens Corporation (CA, USA) Dr. Florian Michahelles Developing Systems for the Internet of Things
SoSe 2015 Hann Holze University of Lulea (Schweden) Prof. Kare Synnes, Ph.D. A Serverless Distributed Collaboration System
SoSe 2014 Marion Koelle ETH Zürich (Switzerland) Prof. Dr. Otmar Hilliges Shared AR Environments